Allow Dots in URL (IIS)

IIS, by default, blocks access to any file types it doesn’t recognise. If a dot (.) is in the URL, IIS assumes its a file name and blocks access. To allow dots in a URL on an IIS site (perhaps for domain names/email addresses/etc. in a MVC routing path) you have to make a couple […]

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Azure North Europe Outage

Websites hosted on Microsoft Azure’s data centre in Dublin, like this one, went down this morning and returned 503 errors. I’m pleased to announce Average Joe is back up but other sites may not be so lucky! Keep up to date with Azure’s Status here.

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Credit Card Test Data

These test credit card details provided by PayPal can be used in many other sandbox environments too: they meet the criteria that make them valid card numbers. Obviously they’ll fail if you try to actually try to make a payment outside of a sandbox/test mode.

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